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Friday, May 11, 2007

More, More, More

Since my daughter arrived, I’m a little more patient, forgiving, forgetful, loving, unselfish, tired, happy, empathetic, kind, dreamy, droopy, vulnerable, committed, goofy, goopy, dazzled, frazzled, content, confident, crazy, lazy, inspired, courageous, scared, scarred, womanly, human.

I’m more.

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Blogger kittenpie said...

Ack! Metro! You've been back for a couple of weeks, but I had gotten in the habit of skipping over your name, knowing you were away, and NOT knowing you'd be posting from afar! Sorry I missed everything!

And - so true, this. I sometimes feel when I snatch moments for myself that I am greedy and selfish, and other times, when I make sure to feed her a proper breakfast and don't have time to feed myself or when I haul my carcass out of bed for some rare night waking or when I hand over the last cookie/carrot/whatever, I feel happily selfless. It's the same with patient/impatient, alive/exhausted, and so on. Full of paradoxes, this mothering business.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous pgoodness said...

Perfect post. :-)

4:31 PM  
Blogger jen said...


5:59 PM  
Blogger NotSoSage said...

Yup, me too.

8:35 PM  
Blogger crazymumma said...

Oh ya.......

11:48 PM  
Blogger creative-type dad said...

That needs to be on a t-shirt. All of it.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Love this.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said!

8:42 PM  
Blogger crazymumma said...

back again.

I want my trainer. more.

10:04 PM  
Blogger nomotherearth said...

Absolutely lovely.

10:44 PM  
Blogger something blue said...

Oh yah. Not to mention overwhelmed, lumpy, beaming and kissy.

5:59 PM  

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