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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ho Ho Hoe

I woke up this morning and OMFG it was like Christmas day. S. stopped at St. Lawrence Market on the way home and came in bearing St. Urbain bagels, fresh blueberries (to make me pancakes) and steaks for dinner. Santa Deux, aka the Plant Lady, was outside planting beds out front (we had no idea that was going to happen). The saint planted white lilacs, purple sand cherries, juniper, day lilies, hostas, and dogwood. She did a super job; it looks great. Cars were slowing down to look. Sod arrives Monday, hooray! I’m going to buy some new guinea impatiens to fill in the bed and my neighbour and I have discovered a shared love of peonies, so we’re going to get a couple of those too.

The weather was perfect today. I tried to work on my paper during Cakes’ nap (I need to have it done before we leave for the wedding on Thursday) but I ended up lazing on the deck (again).

We had a nice time at the park with Cakes and went to an open house (a new hobby). I feel bad about wasting the realtor’s time, so I always say, “I’m just looking for a friend who’s moving to the city”. Then they know we’re just nosy and leave us alone to peek in people’s closets.

S. and I managed to sneak in a beer on the deck after Cakes went down. Then he prepared a lovely meal while I started Leah McLaren’s book, Continuity Girl. Yes, I read chick-lit--but only in the summer. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

It is 9:30 on a Saturday night and I am about to crawl into bed with my book. The times they are a changin’.



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