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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Enough Hours

How did nearly three weeks go by already? That is insane. I’m still loving being back at work, except for the sad fact that there really, really aren’t enough hours in the day. The fam is doing great—they miss me, but they’re fine. Cakes is actually a lot sweeter to me than usual, and I’ve been coming home to lovely new art with my name on it, and big hugs.

I started riding my bike to work this week! What a revelation. I’m here in twenty minutes, and it’s such a great way to start the day. I’m still a big awkward—I almost ran over a jogger the other day. Plus I need some gear: I had elastic bands around my ankles the other day when I wore extra long pants. I felt really hardcore last night when I rode home in the rain. Yes, biking to work rocks, and I highly recommend it.

Sherwood is a joy, but we have to get the dude out of our bed. This week he’s been waking me at least three times each night, sometimes just to cuddle. And he’s so close to crawling, he can’t be left alone in our bed anymore. Summer is coming, and I want to be able to put him down and head to the backyard with my vino!

Speaking of outdoors, I think the garden is going to be spectacular this year. I love the Spring; it holds so much promise. I will post a pic soon.

In the meantime, here’s a recent pic of Sherwood. Isn’t he delish?


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Back in the Real World

We did it! We survived my first day back to work. In fact, it went really, really well. McHotty was a rock star (no surprise). I called at noon and all was well, and again at four, and things were still cool, allowing me to go for a beer with the publicists (oh, did it taste sweet). Sherwood has never taken a bottle, but McH has him drinking breastmilk out of a cup now, and he loves his solids. He was fine (but glad to see me when I walked in the door). Cakes didn’t even notice I was gone.

I loved being back. My timing was good—just in time for sales conference, where we talk about the books we’re pubbing in the fall. There’s lots to be excited about—new Romeo Dallaire, Ami McKay, Sara Gruen, Robert Wiersema, and Camilla Gibb just to name a few. Very exciting stuff. And now a long weekend to recover from it all. Next week, Yann Martel will be in town. I’ll try to get a pic of us together.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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