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Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Where Are Our Sunny Summer Weekends!

I just checked the forecast for the weekend and what a surprise, we're looking at more rain. What a shit summer it's been, I feel so cheated. Of course, McHotty's on shift tomorrow, so Cakes and I are looking at a long day. Give me a call if anyone wants to visit!

We did take advantage of last weekend. When we woke up to a sunny Saturday, we decided to head to the island. We stopped at Loblaws for some tetra paks, brie and fruit, and we were off. Of course, every other family in the GTA had the same idea, and the ferry was a screaming mass of hell. But once we arrived, we were in heaven.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Week, Another Andrew

It’s been a banner couple of weeks! Last week I got to chat with the marvelous Andrew Davidson, and last night I met Andrew Pyper at the TINARS launch of The Killing Circle.

It was a great event, and the Gladstone ballroom was packed. Andrew is a funny guy, and not afraid to speak his mind. In conversation with Nathan Whitlock, he talked about the satirical elements of the book (it has a lot of fun with the CanLit scene) and confessed they were much sharper (and lenthier) in the first version of the book. He reminded us that plot is not a dirty word--a book is a lot more entertaining when stuff actually happens!

Do attend a TINARS event some time--they are a fresh, fun alternative to boring readings. Let me know if you need a date!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Andrew Davidson's My New Hero

I’m embarrassed about how infrequently I’ve been writing here lately. Considering my job allows me to blog at work, you’d think I’d be blogging at work, right?

Well, work’s been pretty fucking busy. And last week was sales conference—I’m just getting a handle on all of our fall titles, and now we’re planning our work for spring ’09! My brain is full.

Now that school’s out I’m reading tons and tons of books. I’m sheepish I haven’t kept up with my reviews, but I’m pretty mentally exhausted after all the papers I’ve written this year, and I just wanna read for pleasure and not have to analyse it. I do pledge to do a big round-up post on my favourite recent reads in the coming week. I have read some really fab stuff.

Speaking of fab, you’ve heard me going on and on (especially if you know me in the flesh) about Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle. I’ve had a free ad for the book in my sidebar for a month or so now, and I only do that for very special people.

This book is special indeed--there’s something for everyone. It’s Michael Ondaatje meets Stephen King meets Dante Aligheri. Seriously. The first hundred pages are a white-knuckle ride that left me breathless. I couldn’t get enough of Davidson’s creepy, twisted metaphors, and I was fascinated with the detailed descriptions of the burn-recovery process. Davidson did his research. But above all, this is a magnificent love story, one that can even affect a cynical, unromantic atheist like me.

I had the pleasure to meet the genius behind this book at a reception last week, and I am enamored. Andrew Davidson is awesome. Soft-spoken and modest, he took his time with each and every person who waited in the long line for him to sign their books. But rather than gushing on, I’ll just leave you with the pics.

For links to all of Andrew Davidson’s media appearances, join The Gargoyle Book Club on Facebook.


Friday, August 08, 2008

What's the Frequency, Internets?

Thanks for all your encouraging words the other day. The days can be so long, can’t they? Next time I’ll do the cry for help earlier in the day, and try to muster up a playdate. Thinking in advance: is anyone free Christmas day? Just kidding. McHotty is stuck working, but I think my parents will come keep us company.

In other news, my basement is still torn apart. The contractors our evil insurance broker originally hired have been a bunch of arses, and nothing’s been done. Meanwhile, I chatted up the cute contractor working on my neighbour’s house, and learned he also does work for our insurance co. So I made a few testy phone calls, and they agreed to let us switch. Cutie-pie should be here early next week.

We have some shopping to do. Luckily, all the shoes I don’t like were in the basement when it flooded. How sweet is that?

We also lost a bunch of CD’s. They give a decent replacement value for these, so instead of going out and replacing my Journey and Metallica CD’s I thought I’d bring us into the 21st century and get some new iTunes instead.

Internets, I need your help! What are you listening to these days? Stop me from downloading more Duran Duran, and give me something hip!


Monday, August 04, 2008

Is it Tuesday Yet?

I don’t like to whine, ‘cause with McHotty’s schedule we have it pretty good. But. It’s not pretty when he has to work every fucking holiday Monday of the summer. And it doesn’t help that Cakes has decided she’s done with naps. I didn’t realize how much I depended on her naps until I lost them. A holiday Monday in the city, with no one at the park, and a toddler up at the crack of dawn is just painful. She has inherited my temper, and today we did not get along one bit. It’s only 6:15 and I just put her to bed because I can’t stand her for another second. The saddest part? She went willingly, because she is sick of me today too.

So now, I’m going to make myself a stiff cocktail, and try to salvage this never-ending day with an advance copy of the new Nino Ricci. And I’ll try to stop thinking about taking up smoking again. Seriously, I’m this close to bumming one from my neighbour.


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