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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

We’re home after an emotional, but wonderful weekend. Cakes’ Auntie M. tied the knot. She was a beautiful bride and she and the lucky groom are going to have such a fun life together.

We embarked Thursday morning after packing umpteen items (mostly for Cakes) and carefully securing them in the car. We drove most of the way to Kingston and things were going perfectly. Cakes was having a great nap. The weather was good. I was reviewing, in my mind, all the clothing, shoes, and accessories the three of us would need for the next few days and hoping we had them all when I came to a horrible realization.

“Oh, FUCK!!!!,” I said, waking Cakes and causing S. to cringe in annoyance.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I said (in my head this time).

We had forgotten the bag with the suit and all of Cakes dresses (rehearsal party, wedding, and brunch).

We continued on our way. Luckily, I knew fellow mommy blogger AC (sister-in-law of the groom), was on her way from T.O. the next day. We made some calls and AC’s hubby kindly picked it up for us, saving us a very pissed-off, five-hour drive.

AC, thank-you so much.

Next crisis--not a funny one. That night I received a call from my mother--my father had a heart attack. He is going to be fine. I am not to come until after the wedding (he didn’t even want me to know about it until after the weekend but luckily mom overrode him).

This really blew me out of the water. I have grandparents whose health I worry about a great deal. My parents’ mortality has never really occurred to me before. My dad has always enjoyed perfect health so this was a real surprise.

(I’m going to do a separate post about this weighty topic because tonight I want to blog about the wedding.)

We saw dad today. He looks great and should be home soon.

Back to the wedding.

Cakes did so well for such a busy weekend. Friday night we had the rehearsal party outside in the tent (the wedding was in my in-laws’ backyard, like our wedding). The bar was set up on the dance floor. Behind the bartender were several coolers and empty beer cases upon which Cakes had great fun drumming.

The Big Day was kind of crazy and hectic, but in a good way. I held off dressing Cakes until the very last minute. I was dressed and was feeding her some avocado when she blew raspberries at me (with her mouth still full of avocado), a trick her Auntie M. had taught her the day before. After sponging off my dress, I forced Cakes into her satin and crinoline torture device. Actually, she was reasonable tolerant of the dress but the shoes and headband were not up for debate. I capitulated easily.

Cakes looked like an angel in her dress.

There was a bit of craziness when everyone showed up and needed their corsages and boutonnieres. I was in charge of this but I sucked at it. They were these gargantuan roses that, despite my best efforts, would flop from the lapel of the poor victims to whom I was trying to affix the damned things. Finally, we sorted it all out and off we went.

The ceremony was beautiful. Cakes and the Groom’s nephew of the same age let out perfectly timed screeches when asked if there were objections.

After the vows, we all toasted the beautiful couple with lychee martinis.

Dinner was fabulous. Cakes went to bed without a fuss between the salad and the main course, which was: filet mignon, fiddleheads, asparagus, carrots, and garlic mashed potatoes.

The speeches were funny, articulate, and sincere. They made me teary.

The dancing was a blast. The bride had burned an excellent mix that including The Ramones, The Clash, and the Talking Heads. Bride and Groom cut loose on the dance floor too.

I can’t wait for the next big wedding. By that time, Cakes will be able to hit the dance floor with us.

Now that is something to look forward to.



Blogger bubandpie said...

The best thing about taking a baby to a wedding is the excuse to buy a really lovely dress - I can't imagine how you felt when you realized you'd left it behind! Glad it all worked out - and I hope your dad is doing well.

4:29 PM  

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