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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dream Jobs

I often walk by this used-book store and it makes me cringe:

People say it’s a great shop but I can’t get past the disorganization. If I’m looking for Atwood, I want to go straight to Atwood, and not have to sift through Brown or Roberts.

I’ve always thought owning a used-book shop would be a great way to earn a living. My dream version of this life is a tidy little shop, just down the street from my house, stocked with all of my favourite titles. I sit in a comfy chair behind the counter, reading and sipping coffee all day, chatting to my well-read, affable customers. The likely reality is me, chained to my shop 10 hours a day, 6 days a week (because I can’t afford to hire anyone), chasing away the Queen Street crazies and helping customers find the Stephen King, after which they try to haggle me down to 10 dollars for three books (if they bother to buy anything at all).

Here are a few more of my dream jobs, which in reality, are probably not very dreamy:

Occupation: Chief Wine Taster for the LCBO
The Dream: Jetting off to the South of France to swirl and sip all day long and be bribed with crates of free vintages.
The Reality: AA meetings. Lots of them.

Occupation: Owner of Beachside Bar in Mexico
The Dream: Flipping martini shakers a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail, sporting an awesome tan.
The Reality: Horny drunken frats boys pinching my ass (um…maybe that should be under Dream).

Occupation: Writer
The Dream: Accepting my Giller prize, dining with Atwood in Toronto, then jetting off to my island retreat to work on the next great novel in peace.
The Reality: Hmm…maybe one day I’ll give it a shot and find out for myself.

What are your dream jobs?


Dance Commentary Warning! Spoiler Alert!

Hooray for Benji!



Blogger sunshine scribe said...

I came straight to your blog after Benji won to see if you posted about ... and you did.

Fun post. I loved your reality zingers.

It is so true though that there is no "perfect" job. There are flip sides to everything...hope you get to dine with Atwood after picking up your Giller ...we can say we knew you when

10:40 PM  
Blogger Girl con Queso said...

Right now my dream job is working at that bookstore for one long day and redoing their store windows. Bloody hell. They should receive a citation staight from the book gods for displaying such a freaking mess.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

My dream job-

Something freelance. Freelance artist. Freelance writer.

Business owner maybe. Web designer for my own business...

Anything where I am my own boss.

Ah, to dream.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Katrinka Bobinka said...

My dream job is to be self-employed doing something I like. So far nothing I like doing is lucrative enough.

I just bought a hand loom. Can I be a weaver and make butt-loads of money? (Taking into consideration I don't even know where to start with this thing right now.)

But I could open my own little shop next to my house and sell my stuff, right? Plus I get to wear hippie skirts and Birkenstocks.

Downside? Poverty? Tourists?

3:21 PM  
Blogger crazymumma said...

Laughed out loud! Especially the LCBO dream job...

Baskin Robbins Server, oops already did that at age 14 and got canned for eating too much ice cream.

Rock and Roll Star (ala Patti Smith or Chrissie Hynde). Not gonna happen but a girl can dream.

Internationally Respected Art Star...hey...who knows?


5:43 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

That bookstore picture makes me cringe, too.

One of my dream jobs would be serving as a chef for a small family restaurant. I love the idea of coming up with unique entree ideas and making them. The reality? I'd crack under the pressure of getting orders out quickly, and would probably burn myself or cut my finger off with a paring knife. ;-)

8:09 PM  
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