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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Metro Reco: Mary Lawson

The Other Side of the Bridge is Mary Lawson’s second novel (her first is the enormously successful Crow Lake). I hadn’t read Crow Lake when I picked this book up, so I had no idea what a treat I was in for (I remedied that very quickly once I finished this read).

The Other Side of the Bridge
is a compelling story I greedily consumed in 100 page sittings. It takes place in Struan, a fictional farming community in Northern Ontario. The central characters are two brothers: Arthur is honest, hardworking and shy, his younger brother Jake cunning and impetuous, yet charming.[read on]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sounds like I need to get to Borders! SOunds very interesting.

9:13 PM  
Blogger petite gourmand said...

I loved Crow Lake ( I even read it while up north for a weekend, even better)
will definately pick this one up. thanks.

3:15 PM  
Blogger petite gourmand said...

oh and Cakes must be the best baby ever to let you read at 100 page intervals with no interruptions.
lucky you!
me, not so lucky.

3:16 PM  

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