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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mostly Good

Damn, another 10 days without updating this blog. It’s a losing battle.

There’s been a little bit of good and bad ‘round here, but the good side is coming out ahead. It was bad when Cakes had a high fever that wouldn’t budge for forty-eight hours, while McHotty was in Buffalo on an exercise. It was good that my mom was here to help nurse her. Cakes was sweet as pie, and very conscientiously used her hand sanitizer so the rest of us haven’t caught anything. She’s almost 100 percent now.

Sherwood is beyond good, he’s fracking amazing. But we’re just not nailing down a bed time yet--it can be anywhere between 9 and 12, and you can bet when I want to be somewhere it’s on the late side. Like last night when I was dying to at least make an appearance at the Giller Light, the big event for we publishing folk (and one of our books won too, Linden MacIntyre’s The Bishop’s Man--good!) Bad that I’m missing book club tonight, and I hate missing book club.

But, I did get some very, very good news the other day. My position is being moved to a different department and I will be based out of our downtown office instead of our Mississauga office! Come April there will be relaxing walks to work, lunches at the St. Lawrence Market, and hopefully a few more champagne receptions. I'll be back just in time for the new Yann Martel. I’m going to buy a cute bicycle with a basket. I couldn’t be more pleased.

So, yes, it's mostly good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:17 PM  
Blogger b*babbler said...

Hey - that's fantastic news about the job! So happy for you. I miss being downtown sometimes. I'll have to visit you for lunch sometime. Sorry about the illness, but glad that Cakes is on the mend. And the bedtime will sort itself out soon, I'm sure.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:09 PM  
Blogger moplans said...

Yay!~ That is such great news. More lunches for us!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Denguy said...

Ya, like you missed the best book club ever.

8:36 PM  
Blogger smallawei said...





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